WordPress Hack Fix

If your WordPress website has been hacked, we can help you fix it with our WordPress malware removal service. Suffering a hack on your site can be a worrying and frustrating experience.

You need not worry with our malware cleanup service. We take a pragmatic approach and work through your site to clean up malicious code in no time.

We Offer

Plugin updates
Malware Cleanup
Additional Security
Update to Latest

How do I know that my site is Hacked

Redirects to another site when you visit your site
Displays incorrect (or inappropriate) content when you visit your site
Doesn’t work at all – you just see a blank white page (this could be other errors)
If your site is open to user registration & if you don’t remember allowing user registration and still seeing new user accounts in WordPress, then your site is probably hacked.
Unknown Files and Scripts on Your Server. The most common place where you will find malicious files and scripts is the /wp-content/ folder.
Other symptoms include hacked redirects, WordPress viruses, defacing your website and random redirects

The first thing to do is to stay calm and contact us.

You might not even be sure if your site is infected with malware or has been hacked. Such hacks can be subtle, sometimes hackers might reset users passwords, they might make edits to the wp content folder, remove WordPress user accounts, change the wp config file, install malicious software or install rogue WordPress plugins.

If you are unsure if you have a hacked website get in touch today and we will help you identify the problem.

Restore your website

3-4 Working days
  • Back up your infected site and SQL Database
  • Clean all files, folders and web pages
  • Upload your clean website to your hosting
  • Update Wordpress to current version
  • Change your admin password to something more secure
  • Add security software and configure
  • Provide advice on future protection
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